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Sem2 Week1

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Week 1



The Many controversies about Advertising

Case Study: Abercrombie & Fitch

pp. 25-27; p. 33 (Puffery)

Lecture & Discussion

Graded In-class activity

Assignment 1 due Week 3: unfair and deceptive practices, p. 43

Creating individual wiki (in addition to the existing group webpage)


The many controversies about advertising






A. Creating your own wiki


[1] Go to http://pbwiki.com and create your own wiki account. Remember your name and password.

[2] Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sy97_english_advertising/links/ and open the INDIVIDUAL WIKI LINKS folder, and add the url of your wiki. 


B. Ad Workshop 1


[1] Find advertising (print or TV) available online that provides an example of sexually offensive ad. 

[2] Go to your wiki, and create a page called, Workshop-Offensive-Ad

[3] Add the source or the URL link of the website where you found the ad

[4] On your wiki, answer the following questions:

1. Describe the offense committed in the ad.

2. Explain why you do or don't consider it sexually offensive.

3. Where is the socially accepted line between 'erotic suggestiveness' and 'explicit sexuality' in advertising?

4. Can an ad feature nudity without erotic suggestiveness or explicit sexuality? Is either ever appropriate in an ad?


Students' Case Studies


Charity, http://charity27.pbwiki.com/workshop-offensive-ad

Miranda, http://s1096100112.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad 

Wendy, http://betough.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Ashley, http://s1096100018.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Bevin, http://adbevin.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Cathy, http://red9713.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Emma, http://rollinggene.pbwiki.com/workshop-offensive-ad

Kelcy, http://kelseysun.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Miuccia, http://miuccia.pbwiki.com/controversial

Felicia, http://hoaxwa.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Olivia, http://bearolivia.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Rachel, http://racheltang.pbwiki.com/123

Sariel, http://sarielliu.pbwiki.com/workshop-1

Thomas Juricek, http://tomasjuricek.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Vincci, http://usyellow.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Vivian, http://boundin.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad

Won, http://kwonsoonwon.pbwiki.com/Workshop-Offensive-Ad 




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