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Public Service Announcement Scoring Rubric

Group Members: _______________________________________

PSA Theme: ___________________________________________

PSA length: ____________________________________________




  Provided 2 studies



  Provided PSA script



Meeting Language Goals

E, VG, G, A, Poor

  Use of present tense to indicate the ongoing nature of the event/situation



  Use specific words that have emotional appeals to make the target audience feel compassion, guilt, sympathy, etc



  Use action words to say exactly what the viewers have to do and how to do it



  Use vocal variety and appropriate pacing when delivering the VO.



PSA Content



  Clearly identified the ‘Who’



  Clearly identified the ‘What’



  Clearly identified the ‘Where’



  Clearly identified the ‘When’



  Clearly identified the ‘Why’



  Clearly identified the ‘How’



Level of PSA Persuasiveness



Creative Skills



  PSA concept



  PSA message



  Creative Execution



Technical Skills



  VO quality



  Choice of background music



  Sound effects



  Talents/actors (if applicable)



  Transitions of visual images



Collaborative Tasks



  Provided job listings for individual contributions






Group Grade: ___________

Copyright 2008 Aiden Yeh

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