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Group Project


1. Work in groups of 3-5.

2. If you were to design and produce a product or service, what would it be and why? Is it going to be an entirely new product? Or an improved product that is based on   an existing product.

3. You need to be able to define and discuss the following using the Ps of Marketing:


  1. Product
    1. What is the Needs Utility of your product/service?
    2. What type pf product/service is it? Product (is it durable, non-durable) or it service?
    3. What is the brand name? 
    4. Product/brand logo
    5. Packaging
    6. What is the product positioning? 
    7. Product differentiation- how different is it from the competitors?
  2. People
    1. Who is the target market?
    2. Define your target by discussing the geographic, demographic, behavior, psychographic, and needs profile.
    3. Does your market have a need for your product? If so, what is the need? 
  3. Price
    1. How much are you selling it for?
    2. What is the price category? Cheap, affordable, or top-of-the-line?
  4. Place/Distribution
    1. Where can consumers get it?
  5. Promotion
    1. If you were to promote this product/service, how would you advertise it? Using a combination of Print/TV or Print/Radio advertising, create your advertising campaign. (Radio or TV ad must be 30 secs long).
    2. Using the information that you have (see above), how would you attract your target market to buy your product?
      1. What is the ad headline?
      2. What is the ad slogan? Is your slogan synonymous to your Product Positioning?
      3. Do you have a jingle that your target market could sing or hum?
    3. Advertising Plan (to be discussed on 4/6)
    4.       a. Advertising Objective
    5.       b. Creative Mix : Print and Radio/or TV
    6.       c. Creative Strategy
    7.               1. headline/body copy (Call for Action)
    8.               2. logo
    9.               3. slogan
    10.               4. bacground music/jingle
    11.               5. contact info
    12.       d. present the script and storyboard


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