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Sales Promotion


1. Find a print ad for a product/service.

2. Design a sales promotion activity that would complement the ad campaign.

3. Outline what the sales promotional activity is about. Is it a raffle, contest, coupon, discount, see PPT used here http://ad97.pbworks.com/Sales_Promotion (see slide 7 and slides 18-41)

4. If you chose a coupon, then you need to design a coupon for your sales promo activity.

5. Please write in detail the specific sales promotion activity that you plan to do. For example, if it's a contest, what is the name of the contest and write the contest procedures (how can people join?)

6. Please take note of the promotion deadline (when will it start and end?)



Press Release


1. Write a press release about the sales promotional activity that you have above.

2. did the first paragraph of your press release answer the Wh-questions?

3. Do you have a photo of the product or sales promo advertisement that you have above?

4. Write a headline or Press Release title.

5. Length of press release 4-5 paragraphs minimum.


Deadline: May 25, 2009

Everything must be uploaded your individual wiki on or before this date. Make sure that your wiki (URL link) is added here, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sy97_english_advertising/links/INDIVIDUAL_WIKI_LINKS_001234689496/



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